The Future of Online Education – and How We Got Here.

06/1/21 9:09 PM By Jake Slater

How It Started

Last year the world entered a new era of learning as we were forced from public spaces and confined to our homes. The COVID-19 pandemic left universities struggling as they moved from traditional methods of in-class lecturing to remote and online learning. For many universities, the infrastructure for online learning simply was not there, and they were left following trends of other professors and universities to adapt to the rapidly changed circumstances. 


Becoming the New Normal

Now that we have been in the pandemic for over a year and made it through an entire school year with widespread remote learning and online education there are some things we have noticed. 


Now more than ever before, colleges and universities are offering more online and remote classes to their students. Many of these courses are at a discounted tuition price (or in some cases free) which is reducing the financial burden of secondary education. This decrease in education costs has led to a more diverse student body due to the increased opportunity for affordable education. There are more adults seeking secondary education with online learning. Certification courses like Ascend’s provide a unique opportunity for working adults to further their education and increase their technical skills without sacrificing as much at work, with their family, or financially. Online courses have increased flexibility which can accommodate an increasingly busy lifestyle. This has led to an increase in the attainment of degrees by adults ages 25 and older. 


Computer Science

There has been a major shift in some degrees and areas of education. Computer science skills are versatile and becoming more important in our world every day. One of the biggest shifts that we have seen is the availability of computer science degrees and certifications that are entirely online. Most colleges now offer such degrees or certification programs. This still presents challenges as there are some aspects of learning that are difficult to replicate online. Ascend Education has worked hard to make sure that its courses provide every opportunity for students to learn and earn certificates that are relevant for IT professionals. They are the perfect fit for any online course, not only for colleges and universities, but for anyone wanting to learn more. 


Permanent Changes

As the Covid-19 Pandemic comes to a close and everything is opening back up, we all wonder, how much of the change that occurred during this time is going to stick around? When it comes to education and computer sciences, you can guarantee that remote and online learning is here to stay as a viable option for students. Universities have integrated online resources for education as never before. EDSmart.org has compiled a list of colleges that have successfully made this transition to fully accredited online degrees at affordable costs. Whether through a college or through your own private enrolment with us, Ascend Education is equipped to provide you with a worthwhile online education.