VMware reinventing itself

04/9/19 9:01 PM By Ascend Education

NetworkWorld posted an article about VMware continuing to reinvent itself.  Neal Weinberg writes about the dilemmas VMware is facing and what it is doing to face those dilemmas head on.

Here is a short excerpt from his article:

“…VMware is a classic case of a company facing the “innovator’s dilemma,” according to Jason Bloomberg, president of the analyst firm Intellyx. The decision boils down to whether to just keep milking the cash cow, or whether to try to catch the next wave of innovation and expand into new markets, even if that might mean cannibalizing the primary revenue stream.”

VMware is faced with sticking with what it originally created, or expanding into new streams of revenue. It chose the latter.

Chris Wolf, VMware’s vice president and CTO in global field and industry states, “We will be global leaders in infrastructure, networking, data management, end-user computing, and we will revolutionize how applications and data are secured.”

It seems that VMware is happy with where it is heading. Read more about all the changes VMware is making in Neal Weinberg’s article.