Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security is one of the fastest growing job segments in the world. Research projects that by 2019, there will be a global shortage of more than 1.5 million Cyber Security trained professionals. In 2015, reports showed that more than 200,000 cyber security positions in the United States were left unfilled. As the technological workplace keeps up with advancements, the skill required for jobs also increases. In the past, a basic certification was enough to send a student into the workplace. Today, a higher skill level is required to secure meaningful employment. CompTIA's CSA+ certification offers just that. Our training teaches the broad industry skills needed to work in cyber security and to obtain the CSA+ certification.

The tools you need

Our offering includes everything an instructor needs to teach cyber security--text and video instruction, online virtual labs, and assessments including quizzes for each section and exams testing students' knowledge of the entire course. Of equal importance are our instructor support and teaching tools. Complete LMS integration is the basis our instructor aid is based on. Through the instructor dashboard, real time results for quizzes and exams are available. The progress of individual students throughout the course can be viewed and monitored. Section descriptions and power-point presentations are additional tools for our instructors.

Let Us Help

Our team has worked with many educational institutions over the years, including high schools, career and technical colleges, training centers, and universities, both online and traditional. Our approach reflects a desire to help instructors equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to gain from a given course. We would love to hear what your needs are, and see what solutions you are looking for.